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The Tech Journey So Far

Updates on the journey so far

I just wanted to publish a post talking about the various tech-related articles I’ve posted thus far and explain how they tie into each other.

So far I’ve posted which equates to a basic introduction to the Web Dev world and its inner operations.

The posts so far in chronological order :

  1. Tech, Tech 1,2,3… Which Industry is Right for me: This post explains the complicated nature behind ENTERING the industry and how I hope to help remove the obfuscation that comes with the experience
  2. The Full Web Dev Journey: This post discusses a generalized explanation of the full web development process, start to finish.
  3. The Web Design Journey: In this post, I summarize the UI/UX process and what is involved.
  4. The Front End Development Journey: Here I discuss the steps involved in the front end development role.
  5. The Back End Development Journey: This is where I discuss the more obscure process of back end development.

With plenty more articles to come in the future please stay tuned and I will post more updates as I go! Thank you all for your time!

Front-End Developer by day, UI/UX designer by night! I’m an enigma with a desire to learn and teach others. Tech, Art, Philosophy and more

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