Welcome to my first post and introduction.

Hello, my name is Athena and I have been building websites for the better part of 10 years and have loved every moment of it. All the ups and downs I encountered over that time were equally beneficial to my journey and my development as a… well developer. At this point, I bet you’re expecting something like “And I wouldn’t change a second”, but I can’t and won’t say that. At first, it can feel very much like looking at a minimized Jquery file for the first time!

minimized Jquery file

The truth is at the beginning, it was multiple years of chaotic research, starting with “What do I learn, Front-End, Back-End, or Full-Stack development? What technologies do I want to learn in any one of those fields as the number of options for each is almost limitless? Where do I go to learn it? How much do I need to know? What does it take to get into the industry?”. Of course, these are only a small list of the MANY questions we ask ourselves on this journey, and my goal is to hopefully help answer these and MANY MANY more in my upcoming posts.

My goal here is to help remove the confusion and trepidation that can come with venturing into a new field of study, and specifically how to prepare yourself for the journey so that you may embark upon it with a sense of confidence and excitement instead of feeling overwhelmed. I hope my posts come to be something that you find helpful and informative. Good luck, see you at my next post! (next post “Tech, Tech 1,2,3… Which industry is right for me?)

Front-End Developer by day, UI/UX designer by night! I’m an enigma with a desire to learn and teach others. Tech, Art, Philosophy and more

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